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About Us

About us

We are a small family-run company, providing private transportation within the European Union as well as in the Czech Republic and our home city – Prague, since 2015. Our clients are mainly travel agents, private guide, but also individual travellers arriving mostly from the US and Eastern Asia.

When providing our services, we always aim to an individual approach to every customer. We are mainly specialized in providing private multi-days multi-country European tours and intercity transfers. We also rent a car with a driver, organize private day trips from Prague, private Prague city tours and occasionally ensure Prague airport transfers. We drive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even during Christmas and Eastern.

Our air-conditioned sedans and minivans, brands Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen a Skoda are driven by experienced English-speaking drivers.

Vehicle fleet

All of our vehicles are non-smoking, with no advertisements or taxi signs. The whole fleet is completely insured according to the law of the Czech Republic and undergoes regular check-ups in authorized car services.

Sedans accommodate max. 4 persons (comfortably 3 persons) and max. 3 checked bags and 2 pcs of hand luggage, according to the airline limits.

Minivans accommodate max. 8 persons (comfortably 6 or 7 persons) and max. 7 checked bags and 4 pcs of hand luggage, according to the airline limits.

Luxury Mercedes limos and minivans accommodate 1 person and 1 checked-bag less than standard vehicles.

Skoda Superb
Skoda Superb
Volkswagen Caravelle
Volkswagen Caravelle
Mercedes Vito
Mercedes Vito
Mercedes Vito Tourer
Mercedes Vito Tourer
Mercedes E-class
Mercedes E-class
Mercedes V-class
Mercedes V-class


Multi-days roadtrips

Multi-days European tours

Our strategic position in the heart of Europe is absolutely perfect for organizing trips, taking more, than one day. We will be happy to make an itinerary for you or assist with your-made. There are no limitations, the plan can be made according to your traveling dreams at affordable prices. All our drivers have experience with multi-day trips so anywhere in Europe, they can be inappreciable tour leaders and nice travel companions. Arrive in Europe and enjoy hassle-free traveling.

Intercity transfers

Intercity transfers

We are also specialized in providing private door-to-door intercity transfers between Prague and destinations in Czechia and Europe. In the last few years, we often organize scenic transfers / panoramic drives – transfers with the stops at the points of interest (castle, UNESCO attraction, historical town, national park, etc.). Our drivers are experienced professionals with a knowledge of the most popular destinations, so they can also help you with the basic orientation on the spot.

day trips from Prague

One-day trips from Prague

We ensure one-day trips from the city of Prague to the points of interest within the Czech Republic and even nearby abroad. You can choose from short half-day trips (4 to 6 hours) or long full-day trips (10 to 15 hours), which usually include more sights on the route. On request, we can arrange for you a private guide from Prague or the local one (only some places). It is also possible to go for a trip only with the driver who knows the area and is able to provide some basic information about the place.

Prague airport transfers

We occasionally ensure private transfers between Vaclav Havel International Airport Prague and the Prague city, eventually any destination in the Czech Republic per fixed prices with no extra charges. On arrival, the driver waits in the terminal, holding a sign with the client´s name on it. Every airport transfer includes a parking fee and waiting of the driver for 60 minutes after the actual time of landing – our drivers check the flight status online. No extra charge in the case of a delayed flight.

Prague city tours

Prague city tours

In cooperation with our local partner private guides we are able to organize a private Prague city tour according to your requests and interests (we can aim the tour to local gastronomy, movies location, churches, Jewish memorials, etc.) for a random duration. There is not pre-terminated itinerary – the tour is fully flexible. The guide and driver pick you up in your hotel or directly in the airport and both are avaliable during all tour. Tours are can be arranged also with English-speaking driver only.

Prague chauffeured services

Rent a car with a driver

Our sedans and minivans with English-speaking drivers are ready for hourly and daily rental but for a minimum of 2 hours. The vehicle is rented for a certain time, usually, with a mileage limit of 25 kilometers (15 miles) per hour, additional time or mileage are available per extra charge. The driver is a professional with knowledge of  Prague areas so he can particularly work as an assistant if necessary. We mostly rent a car for a wedding, business trips, photographing, or to movie productions.

Price list

Our price list includes only the most popular and the most often requested routes and services. But we are not limited only by them. According to our motto “Anywhere you wish we drive” we gladly take you to any destination within Europe (except for the European part of Russia and Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova).

We accept payments by cash (CZK, EUR, USD), card to the driver, card prepayment online (we send a link in confirmation e-mail – provider SumUp), or a bank account transfer (max. 3 days before the service). ATTENTION! There are different prices on 1st January, 24th, 25th, and 31st December. Contact us for getting a final quote.

Limousine service extra fees:

100% guarantee of limo Mercedes E-class or luxury minivan Mercedes V-class with a chauffeur in the suit and tie +30 % extra fee to a regular price.
100% guarantee of a chauffeur in the suit and tie for any other vehicle +20 % extra fee to a regular price. (Our drivers usually keep a smart casual dress code)

In the case of any question do not hesitate to contact us.

European Transfers

Prague <-> Berlin6300 CZK (252€)7700 CZK (308€)
Prague <-> Bratislava5950 CZK (238€)7250 CZK (290€)
Prague <-> Budapest9450 CZK (378€)11550 CZK (462€)
Prague <-> Dresden3000 CZK (120€)3600 CZK (144€)
Prague <-> Frankfurt9200 CZK (368€)11200 CZK (448€)
Prague <-> Innsbruck9800 CZK (392€)12000 CZK (480€)
Prague <-> Krakow9650 CZK (386€)11800 CZK (472€)
Prague <-> Ljubljana12200 CZK (488€)14950 CZK (598€)
Prague <-> Munich6750 CZK (260€)8250 CZK (330€)
Prague <-> Nuremberg5400 CZK (216€)6600 CZK (264€)
Prague <-> Passau4500 CZK (180€)5500 CZK (220€)
Prague <-> Salzburg6750 CZK (260€)8250 CZK (330€)
Prague <-> Strassbourg10800 CZK (432€)13200 CZK (528€)
Prague <-> Venice16000 CZK (640€)19500 CZK (780€)
Prague <-> Vienna5250 CZK (210€)6000 CZK (240€)
Prague <-> Warsaw12350 CZK (494€)15100 CZK (604€)
Prague <-> Wroclaw5950 CZK (238€)7250 CZK (290€)
Prague <-> Zagreb12700 CZK (508€)15300 CZK (612€)
Prague <-> Zürich12350 CZK (494€)15100 CZK (604€)
The prices are fixed, including the motorway fees and tolls (eventually excluding the ferries and car trains). We do not charge waiting in the case of restroom brakes. If it is necessary to wait longer than 15 minutes at the destination, we charge a waiting fee of 300 CZK / 12 € per hour. If the route is longer than 700 kilometers (400 miles) one way, we usually charge an extra fee per driver´s accommodation at the destination - the price is dependable on the current offer.

We require 100% prepayment if the transfer does not start in Prague.

Czech Republic Transfers

Prague <-> Brno*3700 CZK (148€)4500 CZK (180€)
Prague <-> České Budějovice*3000 CZK (120€)3600 CZK (144€)
Prague <-> Český Krumlov*3500 CZK (140€)4200 CZK (168€)
Prague <-> Hradec Králové*2300 CZK (92€)2800 CZK (112€)
Prague <-> Jihlava*2600 CZK (104€)3150 CZK (126€)
Prague <-> Karlovy Vary2500 CZK (100€)3000 CZK (120€)
Prague <-> Kolín*1500 CZK (60€)1800 CZK (72€)
Prague <-> Kutná Hora*1500 CZK (60€)1800 CZK (72€)
Prague <-> Liberec*2200 CZK (88€)2650 CZK (106€)
Prague <-> Mladá Boleslav*1300 CZK (52€)1600 CZK (64€)
Prague <-> Mariánské Lázně3400 CZK (136€)4100 CZK (164€)
Prague <-> Pardubice*2500 CZK (100€)3000 CZK (120€)
Prague <-> Plzeň1900 CZK (76€)2300 CZK (92€)
Prague <-> Olomouc*5000 CZK (200€)6150 CZK (246€)
Prague <-> Ostrava*6650 CZK (266€)8150 CZK (326€)
Prague <-> Špindlerův Mlýn*2900 CZK (116€)3500 CZK (140€)
Prague <-> Teplice1900 CZK (76€)2300 CZK (92€)
Prague <-> Ústí nad Labem1900 CZK (76€)2300 CZK (92€)
Prague <-> Zlín*5400 CZK (216€)6600 CZK (264€)
The prices are fixed, including the Czech motorway fee. We do not charge waiting in the case of restroom brakes. If it is necessary to wait longer than 15 minutes at the destination, we charge a waiting fee of 300 CZK / 12 € per hour. At the routes, marked by * we charge an extra fee of 300 CZK / 12 € if required pick-up or drop-off in Prague Airport - this fee also includes airport parking fee and on arrival, waiting of the driver 60 minutes after the real-time of landing.

We require 100% prepayment if the transfer does not start in Prague.

Prague Transfers

airport transfer*600 CZK (24€)800 CZK (32€)
1 hour rental**600 CZK (24€)800 CZK (32€)
2 hours rental**1100 CZK (44€)1500 CZK (60€)
another every hour or rental**500 CZK (20€)700 CZK (28€)
*airport transfer - the rate is valid for the transportation between the airport and the center of Prague (Prague districts 1,2,3,5,6,7 and 8 - only the part Karlín), transfers to other Prague areas will be calculated individually. Price includes parking fees and on arrival waiting of the driver for 60 minutes from the real-time of landing, later we charge 50 CZK / 2 € per every extra 15 minutes of waiting. No extra fees in the case of a delayed flight. Departure transfers include free 15 minutes waiting too, later we charge 50 CZK / 2 € per every extra 15 minutes of waiting.

**car and driver hire in Prague - the time of the rental is counted from the time in the booking, not from the time the client comes and meets the driver. The rates are valid only within the city of Prague and include 25 kilometers (approx. 15 miles) per hour, excluding the eventual parking fee. Rentals with longer mileage are calculated individually.

Contact / Booking

Contact form

Contact details:

Czech Transfer Service s.r.o.

Bělehradská 858/23
120 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic

Business ID: 08969531
(not registered to VAT in the Czech Republic)

E-mail: info@czech-transfer-service.com

Text messages/WhatsApp:
+420 720 592 018
(avaliable every day from 9am to 9pm)
only text messages (SMS) and WhatsApp messages.
The calls only in the case of problem “on the road”.

Transportation is provided non-stop.